The Hunter Reviews

"Young Morgana Davies proves that her stellar performance in THE TREE was no flash in the pan - she's a very talented child star."
David Stratton || ABC At The Movies

"Both are great but it’s the delightfully natural performance of 9-year-old Morgana Davies that will leave many saying “wow” on leaving the cinema."
Matthew Toomey || The Film Pie

"The children, Bike (played by Finn Woodlock) and Sass (Morgana Davies) are powerful drivers of the story and their mature performances are a surprising contrast to their tender ages."
Tim Martain || The Mercury

"The two kids are amazingly good, Morgana Davies as the pert little Sass and the younger Finn Woodlock handling the tough role of acting without words as a seasoned actor."
Andrew L. Urban || Urban Cinefile

"The children are terrific, also; Morgana Davies, so captivating in The Tree, gives Sass a heartbreaking optimism."
Clem Bastow || The Vine

"and to their credit, O’Connor, Davies and Woodlock all successfully convey the pain and difficulty of the grieving process without resorting to precious posturing or any stereotypical histrionics…"
Anonymous || The Lurking Librarian

"Morgana Davies, who was so strong a presence in The Tree, proves she can hold her own with adult actors here."
Unknown || Cath News

"The outspoken Sass somewhat steals the show at this point with amusing comments about Martin’s affinity for classical music, and noticeably poses as a significant contrast to her silent, withdrawn younger brother. Young actors Morgana Davies and Finn Woodlock really shine in their roles."
Amanda Yap || Meld Magazine

"Morgana Davies (from The Tree, etc) has a natural presence as the precocious Sass."
Roy || Greg King's Film Reviews

"[Dafoe's] distancing pragmatism is nicely countered by Morgana Davies’s effusive turn as Sass Armstrong, the young daughter and self-appointed welcome wagon who enlists Martin’s help to find her father."
Alice Tynan || Limelight Magazine

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